Scheme Design

A tailor-made solution designed for your needs.

We offer a full scheme design service. During the schematic design phase —we consult with the owner/client to determine project goals and requirements. Often this determines the program for the project. The program, or architectural program, is the term used to define the required functions of the project. It should include estimated floor areas of each usage type and any other elements that achieve the project goals.
During schematic design, we develop study drawings to illustrate the concepts of the design and include spatial relationships, scale, and form for the owner to review. Schematic design is the stage that is often the most exciting for clients. They can begin to see sketches and 3d models of their dreams coming to life. Sometimes, clients will be inspired by the designs presented to them and consider increasing their project scope.
As the project is visualized through sketches, models and inspiration images, clients can quickly get an idea of how their building will start to look.

Schematic drawings include basic dimensions of the building, the major architectural elements & structural systems. These basic drawings are used as the primary depiction of any project. They are not detailed, so that major changes can be made quickly and easily before the real detail design begins.

The result of this phase is to produce a final schematic design, to which the owner will agree, and progress to the next stages – planning application, tender & construction  drawings and documents.